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Mifs H. and Mifs L two fitters the one about four and the


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He has our sincere sympathy and that of the entire profession

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in expressing our appreciation at the presence of so many visitors.

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Very frequently when the skin is inflamed we have vesicles

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stanoei which cause the damage to the endothelium of

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nerates. To deal with them as suggested would however

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which have become fatigued to tactile stimulation are still sensi

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ally due to ordinary infection presumably by spores. It in

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graduates to day but for the last four years students of the

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ulcer with perforation and peritonitis by abdominal section.

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plained of pain and lachrymation. The centre of cornea was occupied by

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the prevesical space. The unnecessary employment of

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conditions capable of producing syphilis. A blow was given to

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economy and direction better suited to times which demand

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horse. Describe the mode of using it. Name the usual seat of impaction

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he I employed it with anxiety and hesitation I can now

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of cervix abortions parturition distortion and displacements

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infection from the breaking down of cervical tissues. A curette

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zie were solicited and for these he was knighted at the

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the anterior chamber either as hypopion or third on the posterior

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of the accidents before the development of gangrene and continued

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cision of upper third of humerus. Med. Herald Louis

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plication of the power the latter so to speak being

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be effected by intra uterine injections of emollients such as flax

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not recommended tor use in children under years ot age.

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Obstetrics i. What does successful fecundation depend upon. Men

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electrization for the fifth lithotomy or lithotrity.

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together perhaps by the great immigration movements of the

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nals Transactions and Serials of Researches took pre

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of pine forests have but slight if any influence vide Loomis

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phobia after handling a pet dog supposedly suffering from a sore

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