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very remote though the subjects of infantile paralysis are predisposed to

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collection this year on behalf of the Medical Charities would exceed that

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first probably not more than fis e minutes. Itching

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first through the reawakening of interest in the fluid as the result largely

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George Langstaff of London for example we come across the

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therefore behooves those who contemplate contributing to the

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gallons soft water till dissolved. If you wish it better slice two pounds

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the judicious selection of recruits should hold the first place.

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sity Milwaukee Wis. on Necessity of Standardizing Hos

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pulse insomnia ocular disorders such as amblyopia mydriasis and nystag

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Traumatic Tetanus in a Horse treated successfully with Antipvbin.

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showed a specimen which exhibited leucoma and papilloma.

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Until his work shall cease just at the proper hour

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exciting causes and at the same time attempts to allay resulting

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with inflammatory corpuscles can be recognized. In many of

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than that of occasional or e.xciting. As Rhazes most accurately

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in physical courage and in the power of enduring iain. No attempt

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practised even in narrowing of a main bronchus. Tracheotomy was

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hypersemia of the lesions or of the irritated spinal ganglia as a mustard

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Erratum. In the article on Tubercle at pages and of the Journal of

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and in one case thickening of the mucous membrane of the

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means the administration of remedies according to the axiom

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proved nor by high duties that excesses can be prevented.

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such as extensive metastasis pronounced cachexia and patients in

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to the present time he was not absolutely convinced as

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curred on the fourteenth day. Nay more sweat could not be

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different observers about the nature of contagium that whoever

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neous injections of graded doses of several of the new synthetic mer

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and Lord lount Stephen has now entered upon its work and

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uranium and cantharidia nephritis and least marked in chromate nepli

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and the whole mass was composed principally of amy